Name: Cameron
State: New Jersey
County: Middlesex
City: East Brunswick
GPS Coordinates:
Describe Cicadas activity: Single shell on tree. Seem to be an early one.
Other comments:

Name: Jennifer Beach
State: Virginia
County: Prince Edward
City: Rice
Location: Farmville
GPS Coordinates:
Describe Cicadas activity: First sighting this morning. Single cicada on the sidewalk.
Other comments: Saw our first cicada today, early morning.

Name: Clifford Sillivant
State: South Carolina
County: Charleston
City: Charleston
Location: 318 Lamont Rd Charleston, SC 2
GPS Coordinates: 32.779722553092014 -79.998061
Describe Cicadas activity: This is the first one I've seen this year. It's about 2 inches long. Any idea of what kind it is?
Other comments: I have seen a crazy numbers of the Carolina Anole lizards this year all over Charleston County.

GPS Coordinates:
Describe Cicadas activity:
Other comments: We had to shut down our report system due to people filling it with garbage and advertisements. Our cicada report system is back up and running now and has been improved so that it can not be hacked again.


Mid Atlantic brood map