2007 Cicada Season Reports



Wed 25-Jul-07 5:24 PM
State: Illinois
County:  OGLE
City:    Polo
Location: Lake Fern Rd west of Polo
Cicada Activity: We have had about 10+ Cicada already this year.
Comments: What does cicadas eat?  Can you keep them as a pet?

Wed 25-Jul-07 5:18 PM
Name: Bob

State:       PA:
County:      Clearfield
City:        Lanse
Location: on window of home of Mrs. Jacobson
Comments: One male of Tibicen canicularis collected from window on 4 July 2004.

This species appears each year.  I have never heard the calls of any other species of Tibicen nor collected specimens in that area.


Tue 24-Jul-07 11:09 PM
Name: Monique

State:       NJ

City:        Boonton
Location: Wallkill River, Northern NJ
Cicada Activity: Very low
I’d love to know what kind of cicada I found.

It was floating in the Wallkill River perfectly intact.

It looks exactly like the large green/brown cicada image on the top of your website!


Mon 23-Jul-07 8:09 PM
Name:   Lisa
State: Arizona
County:      Maricopa
City:        Chandler
Location: Gilbert Road and Loop 202
Cicada Activity: We heard the unmistakable sound of cicadas in our tree.

We searched for them, but the rain started to poor.

Do we expect them to emerge in large numbers this summer in our area?  Thanks.


As of this evening, here in Southern Maryland, 7 species of annual cicadas are calling:

Finally Tibicen davisi and Tibicen linnei have joined the chorus today for the first time this season!


Neocicada hieroglyphica (throughout the day)

Tibicen robinsoniana (localized)

Tibicen chloromera (mainly in the morning, but heard throughout the day)

Tibicen auletes (at dusk, not as common this year)
Tibicen lyricen (at dusk)

Tibicen davisi (during the day and afternoon)

Tibicen linnei (at dusk)


Tue 24-Jul-07 1:26 PM
Name:        Denise

State: Minnesota
County:      Washington
City:        Oak Park Heights
GPS:         N45°1.79796, W092°48.4533
Llocation: Osgood Avenue North and Upper 56th Street
Cicada Activity: This is the first one I’ve ever seen anywhere!


Fri 20-Jul-07 3:12 PM
Name:        Kara
State:       MD
County:      Carroll
City:        Westminster
Location: Greenvale Road
Cicada Activity: Starting the beginning of July I’ve found cicada “shells” on the ground and clinging to trees and our kid’s slide.  Also, holes in the ground.  I’ve only seen one live cicada – greenish – the body being about 1 inch long, with the wings, maybe two inches.  Interestingly, they are only in one area of our yard – about a 6 ft radius around a frasier fir tree.  A magnolia tree is also within that radius.  I’ve seen them nowhere else.

Fri 20-Jul-07 10:43 AM
Name:        Jenni
State:   Ohio
County:      Warren
City:        Maineville
Location: Kings Island
Cicada Activity: Very few, but found cicada shell on trees in backyard.  You can also hear them in the trees.
Last year was a lot worse in Milford where we lived at the time.

Fri 20-Jul-07 10:42 AM
Name:        Holly
State: Tennessee
County:      Robertson
City:        Springfield
Location: Kinney’s Rd

Fri 20-Jul-07 3:34 AM
Name:        Jim
State: Illinois
County:  DuPage
City:        Bensenville
Location: Bensenville Fire Department
Cicada Activity: Mostly all activity has stopped except for tonight. I was walking into my apartment complex and found a strange looking cicada still alive.

Black w/ black eyes and a white belly. The thorax also has dark green markings.

I live in Gaffney, SC (upstate foothills) and have noticed about five (I know…not a worry) cicadas while walking my dogs. The dogs love to torture and eat them. I’m pretty sure they are the white-eyed kind as it seemed unusual to me. I didn’t think SC was due for cicadas yet! I’ll try to remember to take a picture on my next dog walk before the dogs eat them. Is it normal to have them here in SC already?


As of this morning, here in Southern Maryland, 5 species of annual cicadas have started calling this season :

Neocicada hieroglyphica (throughout the day)

Tibicen robinsoniana (localized)

Tibicen chloromera (mainly in the morning, but heard throughout the day)

Tibicen auletes (at dusk)
Tibicen lyricen (at dusk)

Where is Tibicen davisi??? Haven’t heard one yet this season!!!

Tibicen linnei should start calling toward the end of July.

Tue 17-Jul-07 2:36 PM
Name:        James
State: Arkansas
County:      Saline
City:        Benton
Cicada Activity: No observation. One cicada collected from cicada killer wasp, July 12, 2007
Comments: The cicada appears to be a Tibicen. Can you give a more specific identification from photos?



Thanks James


Mon 16-Jul-07 12:56 PM
Name:        Dana B
State: Nevada
County:      Clark
City:        Henderson
Location: Fremont St & Sahara


Fri 13-Jul-07 10:41 PM
Name:        Blake
State: Illinois
County:      Will
City:        Plainfield
Location: 12945 Shelly Lane
Cicada Activity: My friend and I did not find the blue-eyed cicada during cicada season, but during the season, my neighbors and I combined caught a lot of cicadas
Comments: We currently have the blue-eyed cicada in captivity on July 13th 2007


July 11, 7:18pm
I live in Louisville, KY in the 40214 zip code and from the inside of my kitchen, saw a weird looking bug hanging on the storm screen of one of the kitchen windows. My husband said it was a jarfly and that some people called them a locust. I don’t know how long it had been there, but when I looked for it again 20 minutes later, it was gone.
I saw it on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at about 2:30 P.M.

Wed 11-Jul-07 3:34 PM
Name:        Deirdre
State: Georgia
County:      Cobb
City:        Marietta
Location: Town Center Mall
Cicada Activity:
I haven’t heard too many of them out this year.
Comments: I saw this cicada in my driveway coming home from the store. It had just shed its shell and was lying on its back with it on it’s feet just moving its legs. It was brilliant green with green eyes and beautiful iridescent wings.


Friday, 6 July, 7:58pm
Hello, My name is Audrey and I found a blue-eyed cicada.  I live in Taylor, TX.  The cicadas have been out here for a month or so.  I found this one in my treehouse.  This was the first cicada that I’ve ever found alive.  I’m seven.


Tue 03-Jul-07 1:46 PM
Name:        Casey
State:   Tennessee
County:      Jackson
Location: Cummins Mill Rd
Cicada Activity: This is the first cicada I have seen so far.
Comments: I have a picture of cicada, just don’t know how to forward to you.


Tibicen lyricen engelhardti from Tennessee



Tue 03-Jul-07 4:17 PM
Name:        Trevor
State: Iowa
County:      Carroll
City:        Carroll
Location: Junction of Highways 30 and 71.

Good Day: I have found a cicada in my back yard. It looks very much like the one at the top of your home page, with the green and black. We live in west central Iowa. I am wondering if you can tell me which cicada I have found. I could send a picture if you want.
Thank you very much.
Trevor, age 9
Carroll, Iowa


Tibicen chloromera from IOWA


1st Report of Tibicen auletes from Maryland.

The first auletes of the year was heard at the

St. Mary’s County (Maryland) Fairgrounds today!


Sun 01-Jul-07 11:37 AM
Name:        Brandi
State: Tennessee
County:      Sumner
City:        Hendersonville
Location: Glen Oaks subdivision
Cicada Activity: They are ALL OVER my backyard and in my neighbors back yard!!!


1st Report of Diceroprocta viridifascia from Virginia this season.

After years of searching for this cicada in Maryland I finally found them occurring abundantly in Virginia Beach.

They were calling everywhere along Rt 60 from the I-64 tunnel to Fort Story Army Base on Cape Henry.

This is probably the northernmost limit for them in the US.

Sat 30-Jun-07 11:58 AM
State:   Minnesota
County:      Hennepin
City:        Maple grove
Location: elm creek elementary
Cicada Activity: only one spotted so far


Thu 28-Jun-07 12:38 PM
Name:        L
State: Illinois
County:      Cook
City:        Chicago
Location: Across the street from the Catherine Chevalier Forest Preserve, East River Road and Foster Avenue
Cicada Activity: A swarm… beyond a swarm… its “CICADA NATION”… for the last several weeks the Cicadas have taken over the neighborhood. Today is, June 28th, 2007, and I’m still seeing a handful of live ones though not as bad as the weekend of June 15th… I think that was the peak.
Comments: I understand they are one of God’s creatures… and that they were created for a purpose…. but when there are SO SO SO many of them concentrated in one area, well let’s just say, my human weakness has come through.. utter & sheer FREIGHT. I still can’t leave my house without pulling on a hoodie. I know they are harmless, I just utterly petrified of one landing on me.


Wed 27-Jun-07 10:18 PM
State: Illinois
County:      Cook
City:        Bellwood
Location: alley for 47th and 48th aves
Cicada Activity: light activity in bellwood with variety of cicadas including light or white nymphs

Wed 27-Jun-07 9:46 PM
Name:        Katie
State:   Montana
County:      Jefferson
Location: Mile Marker 163 North bound Lane of Highway I-15. Between Boulder and Basin.
Cicada Activity:
Comments:This “BUG” caught me by suprise. It fell out of the tree above me and landed on the ground. I picked it up and took it home, to give to my gram who collects insects. We did some research and found that this is what it was. Very cool! I hope this info helps.


Monday, June 25, 12:17am; I know that they have different color eyes but how about body color and head shape? I live in Brookfield IL and I had at least 5 thousand in my yard alone. It was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself talk. I will try and send a picture.



Sun 24-Jun-07 7:41 PM
Name:        Cathi
State: Oregon
County:      Union
City:        La Grande
Location: Fruitdale Lane
Cicada Activity: First one we have ever seen and so far have only seen the one.

My son also saw one in another part of town on Adams Ave where he works.
Comments: We have photo’s if you wish to see it. We will also keep our eyes open for more if they arrive.

Sun 24-Jun-07 1:34 AM
Name:        Alyssa
State: New Mexico
City:        Datil
Location: Hwy 12., Datil Post office, Eagles guest ranch(gas stantion/convinence store/motel/resturant/gift store/rv park/bar), datil elementary school.
Cicada Activity: they started about a month ago and are dieing off now after mating.last seen three years ago.thousands of them everywere.buzzing all the time.
Comments: we get them about every three years or so.


Sat 23-Jun-07 12:20 PM
Name:        Bill M
State:       MD
County:      Wicomico
City:        Allen
Location: Collins Wharf Road
Cicada Activity: First Chloromera this year 07 in my back yard.
June 23rd. 10:47 a.m.
Sunny, Calm,and 73
On June 20th at 9:30 p.m.or so I went to Check on the trees around the yard and found a nymph.
I Checked the next morning to see if it successfully molted, It did.
Possibly the one I just heard, since I haven’t seen another nymph since. The past few nights were very cool.


As of this afternoon, here in Southern Maryland, 2 species of annual cicadas have started calling this season :

Neocicada hieroglyphica (throughout the day)
Tibicen lyricen (occasionally at dusk)

Thu 21-Jun-07 12:14 PM 1st Annual Cicada Report from Brood XIII territory
State: illinois
County:   Dupage
City:    Vilapark
Location: The Illinois Prairie Path
Periodical Cicada Activity:    Their has been a lot of red eyed cicadas in vila park but today i saw a green cicada that I caught and identified as a mid atlantic cicada.


2nd Annual Cicada Species Report from Maryland

Mon 18-Jun-07 8:50 PM. The first Tibicen lyricen was heard calling in Ridge, St. Mary’s County, Maryland this evening.

Mon 18-Jun-07 7:28 PM
State: Illinois
County:    Dupage
City:        Glen  ellyn
Location: st.charles rd
Periodical Cicada Activity: Very heavy in a town called elmhurst and surrounding areas. also we came upon several thousands,in a town called lockport in only about 10 trees probably more i think they are incredible creatures to study have fun!
Comments: if you want to see massive cicadas go to lockport in the woods il youll be in for a real treat!

Mon 18-Jun-07 6:27 PM
State: Illinois
County:  Cook County
City:        Palos Heights
Location: Independence School
Periodical Cicada Activity: Very Active, Lots of cicadas.
Comments: The Cicada I found was white eyed, I found it by a tree that was full of them. I just happened to look on a tree branch and I found it.

Mon 18-Jun-07

I found a greyish-blue eyed cicada in Des Plaines, IL. I snagged a picture of it too, and can send it if you want.

Mon 18-Jun-07 12:00 AM
State: Illinois
City:  Wonder Lake
Location: just west of McHenry and on the outskirts of Woodstock, Illinois
Periodical Cicada Activity: Pretty good crop of them, flying from tree to tree.


Sun 17-Jun-07 11:03 AM
State: Indiana
County: Marion
City:   Indianapolis
Location: 2453 Larnie Lane
Periodical Cicada Activity:
Comments: Heard on news the cicadas was back again   Found one on my tree in front yard   May be one of the 17 year cicadas

Sun 17-Jun-07 4:32 PM
We found a white-eyed cicada in our yard.  We live in Downers Grove, DuPage County, IL, about 18 west of Lake Michigan, due west of Chicago.


Sat 16-Jun-07 4:38 PM
State: Illinois
County: Cook
City:  Lemont
Location: Backyard of House on a Sugar Maple
Comments: This was the peak of the 17 year Cicadas. Just the other day I found a fully matured white-eyed and white wing tipped cicada. Pictures can be e-mailed to you if you want just ask for them here –


Thu 14-Jun-07 5:22 AM
State: Illinois
County:  Lake
City:        Round lake
Location: Big hollow school district 38 , wilson road, and nippersink road
Periodical Cicada Activity: They just sit on the trees all day long
Comments: They are ugly ( the girl i baby sit collects them in her room!!!!!!!)


Wed 13-Jun-07 10:37 PM   1st Annual Cicada Report from Eastern Shore of Maryand

State:       MD
County:      Wicomico
City:        Fruitland
Location: Intersection of camden ave & allen cutoff.
Cicada Activity: First of the 07 season
Species – Neocicada   hieroglyphica
Time – 5:45 p.m.
Condition – Cloudy

Wed 13-Jun-07 12:31 AM
State: IL
County:  Cook
City:   Prospect Heights
Location: Prospect Heights Post Office
Periodical Cicada Activity: Started hearing them a little yesterday morning, just a few clicks and buzzes, saw one this morning on the patio, put it on a Very large pin oak tree, statred hearing the song a little this afternoon, not too loud though.


Tue 12-Jun-07 4:18 PM
State: Wisconsin
County:  Walworth
City:        Lake Geneva
Periodical Cicada Activity:
Comments: There are sooooo many of them.  The noise from them is eerie.  It’s June 12, 2007 and I thought they would be “dead” by now.  The first ones I saw at my house was on May 8, 2007 molting out of their shells.  Hope they are gone soon.  I don’t like the way they look.


Mon 11-Jun-07 2:39 PM
State: Illinois
County:  Cook
City:        Park Ridge
GPS:         42deg 0′ 4.752″  -87deg 49′ 42.1032″
Location: approx 4 blks south of Park Ridge City Hall
Periodical Cicada Activity: Our neighborhood in Park Ridge is ground zero for cicadas this year!  There are thousands upon thousands of them just on our lot (50′ x 177′), which has several mature trees.
Comments: Yesterday I found a cicada with light blue eyes.  We had heard a news report on Friday that a boy in Downers Grove, IL had found a “rare” blue-eyed cicada and I am wondering just how rare it is since I found one, too. I put it in a box yesterday and today it is dead but still definitely blue-eyed!

Mon 11-Jun-07 2:19 PM
State: Illinois
County:      Dupage
City:        Westmont
Location: Near Ogden and Cass Ave
Periodical Cicada Activity: Too many of them! It seems like an invasion!
Comments: I am scared to death of these big ugly bugs.
One landed in my car while I was in the drive-thru and I almost freaked out!!
I am almost scared to go outdoors w/out an umbrella.

Mon 11-Jun-07

My 2.5 year old son Matthew found a blue eyed cicada in River Grove Illinois on 6/11/07. Is this just a genetic variation and how rare are these finds?

Mon 11-Jun-07 11:56 AM
State: Illinois
County:  DuPage
City:   Downers Grove
Location: Williams Street
Periodical Cicada Activity: Transformation occuring For About 1 Week, and will remain active for 4-6 weeks
Comments: Cicadas more numerous in some areas than in others depending on the quality of the soil and amount of fertilizer, insecticide, and pesticide.             Also, some areas had their cicada sitings 34 years ago instead of 17 years


I live on Willis Hollow Road in Shawsville, Virginia. My county is Montgomery.  I have heard calling songs of cicadas in the woods and meadows around my home since May of this year (2007). Today (June 8, 2007), I found one of the cicadas. I do not think it is an annual cicada. The body color is black, the eyes are bright red and the “veins” on the wings are orange.
Why am I seeing these? Our last cicada emergence was in 2003. I noticed on a mid-atlantic brood map that there is a 2008 emergence expected of brood XIV about three counties west of me. Could the cicada I found be an early emergence of that brood?

1st Annual Cicada Report from Maryland

Fri 08-Jun-07 12:05 PM. The first Neocicada hieroglyphica was heard calling at 12:05pm on Patuxent River Naval Air Station in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. The Temperature was 84°.

Fri 08-Jun-07 10:26 AM
State: Ill
County:   Tazewell
City:        East Peoria
Location: Avandale and Oakwood Rds.
Periodical Cicada Activity: Millions and Millions of cicadas in our yard and woods.  I have a daycare and the kids have had a hard time playing in the yard due to the large population of cicada’s.  They also get very loud.
Comments: I have a daycare and the kids have had a hard time playing in the yard due to the large population of cicada’s.  They also get very loud.

Fri 08-Jun-07

I live in cook county ill we have billions here.
but they eat the trees a love and i wonder will they destroy my apply trees. they are to big to cover . will i have to have them cut down now.
my nabor has crabapple trees full and they are badley blighted with cicada . also could they ruin an ORCHARD.
thanks Sharon


Thu 07-Jun-07 10:22 PM
State: Illinois
City:  Highwood
Location: North Shore Estates Apartment
Periodical Cicada Activity: it is very Loud

Thu 07-Jun-07 8:43 PM
State: Illinois
County:      Cook
City:        Homewood
Location: 183rd Street
Periodical Cicada Activity: Very large
Comments: We found a blue eyed cicada

Thu 07-Jun-07 6:09 PM
State: Illinois
County:      Dupage
City:        Elmhurst
Location: Elmhurst College
Periodical Cicada Activity: The 17 year locusts are here, and just today my father came across a cicada with white eyes. He thought it was special so he decided to save it.

Thu 07-Jun-07 12:52 PM
State: Illinois
County:  Cook
City:        Lyons
Location: Ogden Ave and 1st ave, near (Brookfield Zoo)
Periodical Cicada Activity:
They are so loud, you cannot  hear anyone talking to you outside.  Also we have had seagulls 30 miles inland of Lake Michigan feeding on them.

Thu 07-Jun-07 11:12 AM
State: Illinois
County:  Cook
City:   Brookfield
Location: Congress park school
Periodical Cicada Activity: Lots of them everywhere
Comments: found a blue-eyed cicada there


Wed 06-Jun-07 8:02 AM   2nd Probable Brood X, 3 year decelerations!!
State:       MD
County:      Howard
City:        Columbia
Location: Evergreen Ave, Columbia, MD. 21046
Comments: I just returned from Chicago where I was doing news reports on Brood XIII. While working in my garden at about 5 pm last evening, I was quite astonished to hear a Courtship I call of Magicicada cassini. The really cool thing about this, I guess, is that, if he was courting, there must have been more than one. Does that sound right? Could this be an early Brood XIV? My home is in Columbia, MD. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Cheers! Mike

Wed 06-Jun-07
Good evening. We live in Westmont,Il and have found a different colored eyed cicada! The color seems to be white with a hint of grey. We plan on letting it go unless you want it.We have really enjoyed this emergence and have tried to assist the millions of cicadas,in our yard,in any little way we can.Look forward to your reply. Steve & Brenda


Sat 02-Jun-07 2:37 PM
State: Illinois
County: Woodford
City: Peoria
Location: Near target on war memorial
Periodical cicada activity: this is the 17th year cicadas, they have been out for about a week.

Sat 02-Jun-07 9:33 PM
State: Illinois
County:  Winnebago
City:    Pecatonica
Location: Pecatonica Wetlands Forest Preserve
Periodical Cicada Activity: First noticed on a bicycle ride Friday June 1. Cicadas were climbing roadside weeds to dry out their wings.  Very dense population.

5-31-07   1st Brood X,   3 year deceleration report!!!

Wil Hershberger suggested I file a report with you. This past Saturday, m wife and I heard 2 to as many as 4 periodic cicadas singing in the woodlands around our home in far southwestern Loudoun County VA. We are at 39 deg 00′ 37″ N,

77 deg 48′ 19″ W .

These are apparently early emergers from next year’s Brood XIV.


Wed 30-May-07 6:36 PM
State: Indiana
County: Lake
City:  Crown Point
Location: 121st street & Wallace
Periodical Cicada Activity: Our tree in the front yard is covered with cicadas, and you can hear them singing loudly the minute you open the front door!!


Fri 25-May-07 8:30 AM
State: Illinois
County:  Will
City:   Frankforl
Location: Pinehill Rd.
Periodical cicada activity: slow moving
Comments: They are in a cage there is about 16 of them.

Fri 25-May-07

Hi, We found a blue-eyed cicada in Hinsdale, Illinois on May 26th, 2007. We have pictures and the cicada. Let me know if you would like us to send them to you.


Thu 24-May-07

I found a cicada with white eyes. I was just wondering how rare that is and why it has white eyes. There seems to be hundreds of cicadas in my back yard but only one with white eyes. Tony Lombard, IL

Thu 24-May-07 2:45 PM
State: Illinois
County:   Cook
City:        Lemont
Location: Archer and Bell road
Periodical Cicada Activity: I have seen on my trees about 150-200 skeltons.

Thu 24-May-07 3:41 PM
State: Illinois
County:  DuPage
City:        Downers Grove
Location: Fairview and Austin Street
Periodical Cicada Activity: Lots!!!!!


Tue 22-May-07 11:41 PM
State: IL
County:  Dupage
Location: All Over!!!

Tue 22-May-07 6:00 PM
State: IL
City:   Homewood/Flossmoor
Location: All over Chicago land area.

Periodical cicada activity:
They have red eyes, a million of them per acre, like to be in hastas at base of trees( I have seen most in areas like these).
Comments: THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!


Mon 21-May-07 5:01 PM
Location: ROUTE 83
Periodical Cicada Activity:

5-16-07   1st Brood XIII report

Wed 16-May-07 10:38 PM
State: Illinois
City:  Chicago Ridge
Location: I was in daycamp and i saw a weird insect and everyone was freaked out one kid stared touching it.
Comments: It looked freaky looking.