2011 Cicada Season Reports



Thanks Kimberly!

Help us track and map out the occurrence of the 13 year Brood XIX Periodical Cicada in the Mid Atlantic area over the next 6 weeks.

If you live in or near the area outlined by the red box, please let us know whether or not you have observed any cicada activity (emerging adults, singing adults, etc). Even if you were expecting some emergences and you haven’t observed any, please report that also. Negative reports are just as important as positive records in order to make the distribution maps complete! Thanks for all your help!

Back in 1998, the first occurrences of Brood XIX in Maryland were reported on May 20. In many locations farther south, the emergences were reported earlier, but the Dameron locality is the northernmost reported location of Brood XIX in the Eastern United States. By the middle of June, most of the adults will have died off and the chorus will have ended.

Remember, by mid-June our annual cicada species will begin to emerge and start calling. Please check back with us again to report your observations during this 2011 annual cicada season.

5-4-11 Thursday, May 5, 2011   10:44 AM

A Magicicada emergence from Williamsburg, VA was reported on www.magicicada.org.

This is the next known population (viable in 1998) south of Maryland, so they should be emerging here soon!

4-30-11 Saturday, April 30, 2011   12:17 PM

Name: Ron
State: Georgia
County: Baldwin
City: Milledgeville
Location: Cape Harbour Lane
GPS Coordinates: 33° 10\’ 06\”N / 83° 20\’ 53\”W
Describe cicadas activity: VERY, VERY loud chorus high in tree tops. Species not the usual annual species. I do not remember seeing this species in the past 10+ years.
Other comments:  I\’d be happy to mail you some samples.

4-28-11 Thursday, April 28, 2011   11:48 AM

Name: Kimberly
State:   Alabama
County:   Wilcox
City:   Camden
Location:   Hwy 65 N
GPS Coordinates:
Describe cicadas activity:  Numerous and loud
Other comments:   I have photos, if there is a way to upload or email them I would be happy to.